Corrupt Politics: Idaho Rejects Rape Exception In Abortion Bill Because ‘The Hand Of The Almighty’ Was At Work ›

strikematchlightfiyah | stfuconservatives | corruptpolitics:

Marching in step with the GOP’s nationwide war on a woman’s right to choose, the Idaho legislature gave final approval to a bill that would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks. Modeled after Nebraska’s first-in-the-nation measure, the bill — like the one passed in Kansas

State Rep. Brent Crane, the bill’s sponsor, took it a step further. Believing that “tragic, horrific” acts of rape or incest are the “hand of the Almighty,” Crane said women should trust God to turn the consequences of their sexual assault into “wonderful examples”.”


Hear that, uterus owners? Sure, you could have a right to bodily autonomy and not enduring the pain, suffering, expense, and invasion of privacy that a pregnancy entails, but this man thinks you could be a WONDERFUL EXAMPLE instead! Why trust women when we can trust his God, amirite?

Rape is the touch of “the Almighty.”

I could just fucking cry.

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    Click through and read the quote, if not the article. This representative honestly thinks that women should see rape as...
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    This is sad… And not right
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    “Rape or incest is the hand of the Almighty”?
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    The Idaho bill’s House sponsor, state Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa, told legislators that the “hand of the Almighty” was at...
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    This is literally what a guy in my biology class told me. “Buuuuuuh, rape is sad, buuuuuut… uh the woman can take...
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    separation of what and what?
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    Excuse me while I go punch something. I’m aware this is happening nowhere near my country (and for that I am so very...
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    … wut. Not right… not right at all…
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    uh… separation of church and state anyone?
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    WTF is wrong with these people? I’m usually not for violence, but I just want to stand in front of people who say shit...
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    …There are no words.
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    I don’t believe in a god that wanted me to get raped. Unless there’s some sort of higher plan out there that’s going to...
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    Separation of Church and State, my ass.
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    Yeah how about Fuck you And fuck your god.
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    I’m tired of acting like religion isn’t destructive. It is. Religion has no fucking place in government and everyone...
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    This makes me want to cry.
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    wow have I mentioned how happy I am to not live in Idaho anymore. What the shit.
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    How bad is it that I really want to destroy everyone who made this happen? I just can’t even. I’m disgusted. I’m...
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    Jesus Christ.
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    That horrible moment where you realize the United States is moving further away from democracy and instead becoming a...
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